What’s NEW at Four Horsemen Brewing Co.!!

17 Jul

There has been a lot going on over the last couple months at FHBC! Recently the biggest addition to our brewery has been our 200 bbl Centrifuge. This piece of machinery takes our brewery to a whole new level in regards to product stability, longevity and overall quality. For a brewery our size to incorporate a centrifuge is immense to say the least! As we grow and open more markets this centrifuge is even more valuable to us as we want to sell the best quality draft and bottled beer we can but most importantly in the markets outside of our local market. We have also added two 1000 gallon Hungarian Oak tanks which had been in use for many years at a Winery in Napa. We are guessing but from what we can tell these tanks were used to age Cabernet’s or Pinot Noir’s. We will be filling these two tanks soon with a Stout and a Raspberry Ale to be aged for up to 6 months. We are very interested to see how these beers will age in the wine soaked Hungarian Oak and anxious to taste the final product.

We have also just recently installed some additional water quality controls to help manage the acidic South Bend water supply. We use a Reverse Osmosis System to purify all of our brewing and process water but this does not remove dissolved gases such as dissolved CO2 which causes abnormal pH levels in water and causes high acidity. We recently discovered this issue due to having some problems with foamy 6pks. After tons of research and testing we pinpointed the issue and put new controls in place. So if you happened to purchase a abnormally foamy 6pk from us we apologize. This was something out of our means of control when it happened and we never imagined our city water supply would create this issue.  This issue can cause a brewery or manufacturer major headaches when pH levels are managed to build a water profile for making beer or other liquids. pH is a measure of the activity of the (solvated) hydrogen ion in water and pH measurements are important in medicinebiologychemistryagricultureforestryfood scienceenvironmental scienceoceanographycivil engineeringchemical engineeringnutritionwater treatment & water purification, and many other applications. Also managing pH for brewing can have a major affect on efficiency.

This fall we will be introducing our award winning Premium Craft Lager called Leprechaun Lager. We have been testing this beer in a draft offering in select markets in Indiana for a couple months now and the feedback has been outstanding. This beer is an alternative to those macro-brewed lagers that don’t offer much flavor. Leprechaun Lager is brewed using an all grain recipe that offers a much fuller smoother Lager experience. We have plans to launch this early Fall in a 6-pack 12oz can. This is going to be a great addition to our line-up that approaches more beer drinkers that would not typically buy a fuller flavored craft beer and it also gives an option for those loyal craft beer drinkers looking for a lighter craft beer for a specific occasion. Leprechaun Lager will be priced a bit cheaper for those consumers that don’t like to spend $9.99 per 6pk. We care about all beer drinkers and want to give them a cheaper option, this beer accomplishes that for us. Also look for our delicious Headless Horseman Pumpkin Ale to return this Fall! This will be the first year we will be offering it in 6pk bottles.

Just a few weeks ago we received two Silver Medals at the 2013 US Beer Championships held in Altanta, GA. This is the second year in a row we have won a medal at this event. What makes this event so meaningful to us is that it allows breweries from all over the world to enter their beers to be judged. So we were amongst great company and very happy to be acknowledged for making some award winning brews!

English Pale Ale
GOLD – Saranac Pale Ale – Saranac Brewing – New York
SILVER – EPA – Four Horsemen Brewing – Indiana
BRONZE – SPA – Wellington County Brewing – Canada

American Light 
GOLD – Kräftig Light – William K Busch Brewing – Missouri
SILVER – Leprechaun Lager – Four Horsemen Brewing – Indiana
BRONZE – Yuengling Light – Yuengling and Son – Pennsylvannia

We are also approaching our 2 Year Anniversary this August! It has been quite the roller coaster ride starting this new brewery and we are truly thankful for all the supportive drinkers, customers, distributors and accounts who have supported us along the way. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you! We especially want to thank all those local and state-wide accounts who have gone over and above to support not only us but other local businesses. It really is about supporting local and again thank you to those who have and continue too! You are the best!

We continue to strive to make the best beer we can possibly make! We have made many important investments into our brew-house to help us reach this goal!  Building a brewery from the ground up is not easy and takes a ton of hard work, blood, sweat and a few tears especially when you have to dump a batch of beer you are not happy with! 😉 We have been faced with challenges and issues we had never encountered or could imagine but we always find a way to the solution and work through the problem. Nothing great comes easy and hard work does payoff! We are truly excited about the future of Four Horsemen Brewing Co. and we plan to keep brewing great beer for you to enjoy! We hope to see you in the Tap Room soon! So come visit South Bend’s only full-production micro-brewery!